Birdcage Chandelier

We have our very first reader submission. It comes come from Jugaad Designs (Nayanika Yellepeddi) and it is a birdcage chandelier. She did an amazing job creating a unique light fixture. After a coat of paint and wiring, it provides a whimsical and beautiful element. The multiple light sockets are of added interest, and the birds make it especially fun.

The birdcage:


After wiring and hanging:

Nayanika explains her process:

I want to share with you how this all came about. While idly sifting through Craigslist, I chanced upon an ad posting…and I fell in love with the birdcage. Now, I have never liked the idea of caging birds, but have always loved the cages themselves, particularly ones that are antique and Victorian in style.

Of course, the metal parts were heavily rusted and that was the first task to tackle. After doing a little bit of research, I discovered that Naval Jelly is the way to go. I’m not normally a night bird, but with a 3.5 year old in the house, the best time for uninterrupted work is the wee hours…arming myself with a carafe of coffee (a strong Indian brew), I spent the better part of 10 hours over two nights cleaning up the rust.

And then came the fun part, painting the cage. I wanted it to be colorful and so I used a lot of blue (for the metal dome), and red, green and yellow for the wooden pieces. My daughter chipped in too, when after a late night’s work I decided to sleep in. She stole out of bed in the early morning and added her own distinctive touches to it. I picked up a family of birds from Michael’s to create a playful tableau of birds perching in the cage.

I have to give due credit to my new friends, Miguel Ortiz and Elizabeth, who did all the electrical job and installation.


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