Our Victorian Home

I am a day-dreamer. A favourite activity is to browse real estate sites and search for appealing homes, imagining how I would decorate, renovate, and refurbish them. My preference is for old homes that maintain the character and integrity of the original aesthetic.

I came across this site in a random search, Craig & Yvonne’s Our Victorian Home:

This website is dedicated to the restoration & preservation of my 1875 Eastlake (Stick Style)Victorian home. Please feel free to browse around. This is not a “This Old House” kind of restoration like you see on TV. I did almost all of the work myself, out of the sheer love of it. (frankly, I couldn’t afford to pay someone to do it, so…)

They have worked on every inch themselves, and documented the entire process. This is deco porn at its dirtiest, just the way I like it.

Many more photos at the gallery on their site:

Before Parlour


Close-up Corbel


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