Mein Mine

(I definitely spotted this next one on Incredible Things, HERE)

Few things make me happier than the transformation of objects into something else. The kind of stitched together Frankenstein collage, the reanimation of junkyard corpse into newfound purpose. I’m also terribly fond of rust and decay, visible signs of time etched onto skin. These furniture pieces perfectly capture-combine all of these ingredients, resulting in delicious recipe for dynamic story that makes my blood sing.

“Estonian sculptor Mati Karmin creates mind blowing furniture made out from sea mines … Sculptor finds mines on the shore of the island Naissaar, located in the Gulf of Finland, not far from Tallinn.” (Source)

I love the little hand grenades dangling in the baby carriage. There is something so evocative about this aesthetic. It’s not really steampunk, not strictly post-apocalyptic. They retain recognizable element but are so far from original intent and I love the new identity.

Read and see more at link.


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  1. (Am I writing to C.?) Reminds me of the woodstove we had for awhile up on Gaspe coast. It was a “loaner” made by Luc Babin and made out of an old oil barrel (common enough for country folk) A.

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