62 Days Until Halloween

When I was seven, I flipped head-first over my bicycle two days before Halloween, and scraped my face from chin to the underside of my nose. That year my costume was a gypsy, and all the adults joked about my “big gypsy lips”. The candy I still managed to eat, but I remember the salty chips stinging my still-raw mouth. Curses to that pink bicycle! Nothing should impede Halloween celebrations.

Nowadays we get absurdly excited about everything surrounding the Macabre Holiday here at Curio Lair. My sole gripe with Halloween decorations is that they have lost their bite: ghosts and ghouls have friendly smiles and witches are never hideous. Pshaw! Bring back the creepiness, I say. Make some kids cry. It is not truly a rite of inversion if you never actually get scared.

To begin the fun in what will probably be a series of posts about Halloween, here are some products from the Etsy store of Graphique, which sells digital images for the DIYer to create tea towels, lamps, pillows and more. The cost is small, and according to their policy, you may sell the products you produce.


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