The Workspace

Back to school time for this blogger, and that has me thinking about workspaces. The ideal workspace calls to you. “Come sit with me, be creative, make magic here,” it beckons. “This is where you you are happiest.” It knows.

Given a large, unlimited budget, I would still prefer to work in a bright, warm old garage, or a loft with rusty door hinges and broken pipes. The pristine and white spaces in the design mags appear sterile to this particular antique fetishists. I prefer workspaces to be uncluttered, with substantial storage. Most of all, it should be quiet. I have been known to wear headphones without music, simply to drown out external noise. I like the solitary nature of such things.

Many artists and academics alike have expressed the cathartic element of working on a particular project, and finally seeing its completion. The satisfaction after labour is a delicious feeling. The space in which we work, then, is influential, and becomes embedded in how and what we produce.

Here are some great workspaces.

The Novelquest Emperor Worksdesk:

Via Ubergizmo

Blue Forest Tree House:

Dumbledore’s Office via Wikia:

Via World’s Best Information:

Steampunk Desk via Telovation:


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