Hoplological Decor

Thanks to a younger brother obsessed with martial arts, survivalism, and all things warfare, I know that Hoplology is “a science that studies human combative behavior and performance.” I was recently reminded that I knew this when I came across the perfect piece of furniture for my brother’s future home. Seen at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, a Grenade Dresser by Havana-based designers Los Carpentiros:

Continuing with the theme that began with Shade’s post about mines, here are some images of reclaimed warfare related objects, turned into usable home decor.

Via Organic Your Life, Environment Furniture makes a couch out of army tents.

Via Design You Trust, a Swiss Army Lounge Chair:

Via Fun is 2 Cool, a Rocket Bookshelf:

Via Trendhunter, The Ammo Crate Sidetable:

Via Born Rich, A Shotgun Chair:

Via Coolest Gadgets, not strictly furniture but some very cool weapon art:


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