Halloween Rice Paper Greeting Cards

Homemade crafts are frustrating fun to make for people who have temporary extreme obsessions good ideas.  My desk is now full of scraps of rice paper, exacto knife marks on cardboard, and a few errant globs of modge podge that I enjoy pealing off my fingers when it dries – that’s grade 5 gross-out entertainment that I never grew out of. Since I do not do crafts in a neatly organized environment there is a mound of dried glue and paper scraps sticking to all my clothes, and occasionally getting stuck on some kitties. The two black cats fail to understand the excitement of Halloween because it does not involve feeding or petting. The snobs.

Here are a few handmade Halloween cards. After failed attempts at drawing – the top one is the only acceptable rendering – I caved and bought some dollar store stencils. The cards are constructed from rice paper and sealed with modge podge to render them studier and enhance shine. Once dry, I keep them in a thick book to flatten them out. They look great when held to the light.

The others are examples of blank cards with a simple, graphic stencil painted in black.


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