Linen and cotton and canvas, oh my!

The fabrics are here! The fabrics are here!

There is little that excites fabric freaks like beautiful textiles. We handle them in stores and ogle their images on websites, imagining the infinite possibilities. As raw materials go, a good fabric at a good price is decorator fodder.

I placed an order with Tonic Living for the following material, for some future curtain and re-upholstery projects.

My flat requires a bit of brightening up – yellows and coral to compliment the grey and turquoise. It may take a while for posted pictures of the finished product – offline life is awfully busy these days – but it is enjoyable to know that they are there, waiting for me, whispering “touch me” and “make something”. I feel the same way about really nice paper.

As online fabric companies go, I have had no issues with Tonic Living. Their service is friendly and fast, and, as we are both Canadian residents, void of the exorbitant fees for international shipping. The selection is current, of good quality, and affordable. All the textiles above were around $10 a yard.


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