Kustom Kool

Kids get all the cool toys.

I was looking at Google Image trying to find one of those projector night lights like the one Sally has in Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (kinda forgettable movie but awesome signature Del Toro set design/aesthetic). All of the custom bedroom sets were popping up. Beds shaped like Pixar Cars, lofts done up like treehouses, all of the requisite castles and fairyness. I never had anything so fun when I was growing up but I would totally get one now if it were only adult-size.

Anyway, put “kids custom beds” in search box just for kicks, scrolling through daydream wonderland, seeing space shuttles and Victorian doll houses and Cinderella carriages but did a great big double-double-take when I spotted this:

Whoa. This is not a kids bed. It is from Jake’s Chop Shop. From the About section:

A story that begins with a little boy and a lawnmower can go a couple of ways.  Boy discovers the reward of a hard day’s work and the value of a dollar (think his boy Elroy).  Boy mangles hand and arm in a violent spray of blood and bones (think The Munsters).  Or, if you’re Jake, the story ends with the boy ripping the mower apart to build a hot rod go cart, leaving Jake’s mom to finally admit that she ‘had an artist on her hands’. Not to say that Jake’s art doesn’t have a bit of Elroy and a bit of guts and gore in it, too.  Throw in a little rockabilly, some rat rods, a pod of pin up girls, and a passion for salvaging pre’64 cars that are beyond hope of full restoration, and you get Jake’s Chop Shop.

I didn’t know there was label for this but apparently Jake’s stuff is an example of Kustom Kulture … which I’m really only referencing because I think the name is kind of adorable. On the sliding scale of style preferences, I am definitely more Munsters than Brady Brunch but I do love this reworked, refashioned, reconstructed vintage stuff so much.

Based on a dream I had a couple of nights ago after staunchly defending the superior awesomeness of Godzilla over King Kong, I think my ideal retro bed set would be Tokyo on fire with little squishy skyscrapers I can stomp with my kaiju slippers and helicopter-mobiles I can swat at.


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