Harricana, by Mariouche

“Our Mission: To turn fine materials into the finest fashion.”

The Harricana line is the product of Mariouche Gagné, a First Nations woman from Loretteville, Quebec. Its goal is to recycle and reuse animal furs into contemporary fashion. The picture below is an example of a before and after, and showcases the transformation of a dated yet perfectly useful coat into something modern and chique.

Having spent many hours scouring garage sales, I can attest to the amount of beautiful, unworn furs laying around people’s attics and basements. I have a mink stole that I purchased for $4 dollars, and a full length brown leather and fur coat I got for $24. I am not an avid ecologist nor even someone against wearing animal furs, but am against waste, and very pro a good deal.

If you live in the wintery North as I do, one of these babies keeps you cozy all winter. Real fur is soft, and the only thing that can keep ears warm when the icy winds reach minus 40 Celcius. Visit their online store here.


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