For the Love of Colour

I have a strong aversion to white walls. It is not that they cannot be pretty or striking, it is just so damn common, especially among home decorators/designers. Why do people in a profession that pride themselves on creating creative spaces fall prey to the same ridiculous motto of, “White is Right?” Browsing home decor magazines then becomes pictures of nice furniture in bland rooms. It is too easy, predictable, and safe. It is also the reason that I cancelled my subscription to a few popular home decorating magazines. Show me spaces that truly push boundaries, and I will fork over my dough.

Given this, I was pleasantly surprised by House and Home’s coverage of the home of Victoria Webster. Not afraid of bold, bright colour, Webster’s home still demonstrates class, style, and comfort.

The image above is Webster’s living room at the time of the House and Home photo shoot. I discovered, however, a hip surprise; after the shoot she altered her living room by installing vinyl graffiti on the walls (image below). Daring: I love it. You can view a short video on the new room at this link: Victoria Webster.


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