Old Houses

I have this fantasy. It involves buying an old home, isolated by greenery, and fixing it up. It is large enough so that family can visit often, or even be housed permanently in another wing. I have animals – dogs and cats – a workshop, and a vegetable garden. But the house is old. It has been marked by age, neglect, but it is beautiful. And all mine. Its restoration could take a lifetime. I look forward to it.

Daydreaming about this fantasy involves browsing Historic Properties. Some of these houses can be had for as little as $10,000.00, up to several hundred thousand. On days when I need a break from the long and smothering to-do list, examining photos and imagining my life in places like these certainly helps the morale.


2 responses

  1. I was looking for a shot of the Addams Family house (from the movie) when I came upon your website. I read your comment about fantasizing about buying an old, unusual house to live in and fix up (and it would be okay if it took the rest of your life). It was one of those things that you come across and realize that you felt the same way but had never really put it into words. You have a kindred spirit in me. I perused some of the photos you’ve collected and I think you’re on to something. At least it’s a hobby that doesn’t cost anything (unless you find that house of course). I’ll keep dreaming if you will!

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