Polka Dot Houses

This morning’s news contained a story about a North Dakota man that has painted his house with multicoloured polka dots.

From the Boston Herald:

“Jim Deitz believes he’s creating a Grand Forks landmark, but the downtown apartment house he’s painting one polka dot at a time is making a city planner cringe.[…] “Pizza delivery drivers won’t have any trouble finding this place,” Deitz said of the century old-two story home that houses six apartments. “You can’t miss it.”

Different reports list Deitz’ beef with city planners backtracking on buying his house as motivation for the unusual choice. Regardless, it is a memorable and whimsical statement. Somewhat to my surprise, polka dot houses are not terribly rare. Here are some I pulled off of the internet.

From Zero Cabin:

Shipping containers have become a popular choice for prefab construction due to their structural stability and ability to provide a quick frame for a building– not to mention the excess supply of them in shipping yards around the country. The designers using them are taking a wasted resource and upcycling them to give them a useful life as a home–which is also hopefully affordable.

Not to be outdone, a wonderful piece by National Geographic, Rise and Shine Detroit, contains some wonderful images of the city, including the one below.

Next, Vancouver Awesome says little about this image. Polka dots speak for themselves anyway.

And finally, one resident of Piqua, Ohio responded to city officials in a unique way. When he received a notice to paint his house within 90 days or pay a fine – he opted for a colourful compliance.


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